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Returns & Exchanges

Returns (Local Retail Store)

Any customer who purchases their Echo L California or Echo products from a local retailer other than our website we will gladly accept your returns.  We do not offer a money back refund on products that are not purchased through, but we will provide you with an store credit or an exchange.  If the item for replacement is greater than the value of the exchange, payment on the difference must be paid in order for the exchange to be processed.  If the item for the replacement is less than the value of the exchange than a store credit will be given for the remaining balance.

Items must be in its original unused and new condition.  Any product that is received that has debris or normal wear & tear condition, item will be returned and no further action will be taken.  

Returns (E-Commerce)

Any purchases from our website are gladly accepted.  Any Returns or Exchanges must be made within the first 30 Days of the original receipt date and the product must be in its new and unused condition.

Warranty Returns

Our Echo L California & Echo warranty applies to footwear that is less than 1 year old from the original purchase date.  The warranty return only applies to defective materials and/or product workmanship.  All products sent to Echo L California which is past the 1 year limited warranty date of purchase will be determined by our footwear specialist.

Products not under warranty: 

  • Products original purchase date was over 1 year old
  • General wear and tear (Not Defective)
  • Discoloration due to water, detergent, debris, bleach, paint or etc. (sheepskin, suede, fabric are not intended to get wet and must be professionally dry cleaned)

At Echo L California, we will provide you with a brand new replacement or exchange, and not a used, refurbished or repaired one.

Any Items that are returned due to defective or poor workmanship will be processed in the order they are received and may take up to 1 to 3 weeks from the time of receipt.

All Exchanges & Replacements are shipped via Standard shipping (7-9 Business Day) at no additional cost to the customer and is insured for $100.

To expedite the return process we politely request the customer to complete and follow the following steps below.

  1. Provide your shipping information clearly in print (provide shipping address where we will be shipping the exchanged item to)
  2. Enclose a note of what your returning. (Include Style Name, Color and Shoe Size)
  3. Include in the enclosed note the detail of the item you would like to exchange to even if it is the same. (Include Style Name, Color and Shoe Size)
  4. Explain the reason of your return
  5. Enclose a printed copy of the original receipt of purchase along with the returned item.
  6. Print out the fully pre-paid return label that we have provided you and attach it to the exterior of your package, so the carrier can see.  (Make sure you have a record of the tracking number located on the pre-paid return label for your reference.)
If your product is not covered under our 1 Year Limited Liability Warranty, the original item(s) will be returned back to you.  If the address you have provided is undeliverable and is returned back to our RMA Department, the product will be destroyed after 30 Days of receipt.