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About Us

I was born in Northeast China and immigrated over to the United States when I was 15 studying in Mountain View High.  I started in this industry when I was 28 years old after a dead end job and no real career goal to turn to, in beautiful Southern California.  I finished my studies at Cal Poly in 2007 and after 2 years at the dead end job I decided to create my own company, and fashion was what I wanted to devote my time to.  I began in the affordable fashion industry and what was thought to be challenging resulted in price gouging and product quality deception.  I decided to venture out to do my take on design and refresh peoples outlook on shoes.  

I started Echo L California with one goal, which was to find the best material and workmanship possible.  Believing in quality and design is the forefront of my company, but the people who I work with deserves all the credit.  From our shoe manufacturers, suppliers, and our sales team I want to thank them unconditionally.

Please feel free to drop a comment, like, email, blog or a call if you have any questions or suggestions.

Echo L. (Founder)


I was 7 years old when I immigrated to the United States and studied at Rosemead High. After acquiring my Child Development degree I found myself working many jobs in many different fields, but nothing was attractive.  I became a mother in 2009 and decided to be a stay at home mom, so I can care and be with my kids full time.  After my kids grew a little bit older, I wanted more for my kids and I felt that I wanted more.  I walked in and spoke with Echo one day and found my place to be.  Echo taught me a lot and together we grew to what Echo L California is today.  With over 2000 customers we built a great company with our reputation on the line everyday.  

In late 2015 Echo decided to take a different path from the affordable line into something that many people, companies and entrepreneurs have failed in, which was creating a brand from scratch.  Here today we have a lot more focus and a clearer path in what will be a brand that people of all types will enjoy, because you can be assured that we are working hard everyday to make a difference in your life through our design, and our shoes.

Rosa F. (Sales Manager)


We started our Leather Tanning Factory in China and have been doing so since the 1950's. Our factory occupies about 21 acres and we are the largest importer of Australian sheep skin in China. We are a true manufacturer and our standards are the highest in the world, not only in quality, but our responsibility with our employees and partners.  We understand that a great company we need a great team and our team exemplifies this statement.  To insure we over exceed our competitors and keep our company standards the highest we also hire three of the worlds most recognized third party auditing company to certify us for compliance.  We are the first tanning manufacturer to be GMP certified to meet and exceed good agricultural practices.  Intertek is a benchmark on production control and we are the recipient of their SQP Certification. Last, will be our WRAP Certification which means our compliance with all labor, health, and safety laws have been met and have exceeded the standards.   

We met with Echo in 2015 and have been working together ever since.  Our goal seems to point to the right direction and understanding is likewise.  We work tirelessly with Echo on design and quality because at the end, our customers are looking for a product that is comfortable, durable, fresh and innovative.   

Yasmine S. (VP Manufacturing)